Alisha Savadya


Alisha is an embodiment of energy and colours. Someone who explores out-of-the-box ideas and makes them work with enthusiasm and hard work. With a go-getter personality, she tags people along in her journey towards her ambitious goals. Alisha started working at the age of 15 in various fields, and have gained strong experience. One of her major achievements is leading a revolutionary project under a prestigious company to recycle scrap materials from automobiles and generate large-scale employment through it. And this is proof enough of her growth mindset and capabilities. She is a modern-day woman with a progressive and creative mind. Alisha joined Zoobiz in 2021 and is currently leading Zoobiz on the Pan-India level, from exploring business ideas to implementing them. A thing to note about her is the diversity she carries in her nature. She will make sure to keep you hooked on the conversation.

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